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Sunday, September 26, 2010
5:05 AM ;

Birtday: 26th September 2010, 2.46am :D

5:05 AM

Sunday, March 7, 2010
9:05 PM ;

Was a boring day Woke up at 11plus, somehow couldn't sleep longer. Got a call from parents asking us t bring some tools t fix th wardrobe. Bathed and prepared. Fed th fishes before leaving, walked t ehub for cab. Bought cheese garlic bread along th way at 7-11. Reached there with a starving stomach. Some campers were still there. Ate nasi lemak and th birthday cake Didn't finish th garlic bread til now. Spent th day sleeping and only woke up at 6plus. Stayed around until it was dinner time at 8plus. Packed up a little bit after dinner Watched abit of 'rush hour 3' as we waited for Claire t finish packing up. And home we are now.

9:05 PM

Thursday, February 18, 2010
10:54 PM ;

my Street-Wise programme finally ends after 6months 12days ! (:
28th July 2009 - 12th February 2010 .

way much better now without it but some days'll be missed though .

10:54 PM

10:20 PM ;

14th Feb , Sunday went grandma's house for visiting with family . reached there about 2pm where we had our lunch . left awhile after wayne came up and headed t aljunied along with my 2 aunts and uncle t visit grandfather . th car's exaust pipe somehow broke off and was dangling when we reached th carpark . was damn bloody funny siaa . everybody went up cept for dad and uncle , they tried fixing it and luckily it worked or not we'll be stranded and needed t take bus or mrt home -.- stayed around for awhile then went back home . relatives came over for mahjong again . 15th Feb , Monday woke up , prepared and left for Costa Sands for visiting . picked gugu along th way and grandma all was alrdy there . had some beehoon for lunch , then played blackjack . first with wayne , and siblings . then peng t th more heavy table where th adults played . overall for th day lost $4 -.- went back home , relatives came and mahjong again . 16th Feb , Tuesday had lunch at 444 . ate mutton murtabak and its shitty . watched 'Reborn' back at home then had our dinner at EastCoast with family . went t walk around for awhile as we were too bloated . 17th Feb , Wednesday didnt went t sch tht day as i was too sleepy . had stomachache th previous night and slept at 1 or 2plus . today , don't know what th hell's going on in POA lesson nowadays -.- had SS test and i only remembered last night when i checked my Student's planner . quite stressed but i did fine anyw . after sch , went all th way t tampines t get my haircut but needed to wait a bloody 1hour plus again . alrdy fking frustrated with th bloody hot weather making it worse . walked all th way back t th busstop and th next bloody bus was supposedly arriving in 11mins or so . waited and waited then got a bloody msg saying th bus'll be delayed another dunno how bloody long . th moment i got in th cab i saw th bus just behind only -.- headed t tampines and th bloody salon was closed -.- had t go t th one beside beside beside it and got a shitfuck haircut for $15 sommore -.- got down t mac t have my lunch , was alrdy bout 3plus by then . saw torrence in there and he paid for my meal . then took a bus for only one stop since th little boy insisted for me t take th bus with him . then went t 444's 7-11 and got some cookies . come back home and slept after using th lappy . woke up at 7.30pm for dinner . had mushroom and ham pasta which made me damn freaking full .

10:20 PM



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